Dissertation viva presentation example

What developments have there been in this field since you began your PhD? What are the weaknesses of your sample? What have you learned from the process of doing your PhD? There will usually be one internal and one external examiner, but there may well be more. How have you evaluated your work?

This guide addresses the period between the submission of your thesis and the day of your viva. I did that, and towards the the end I realised that the list of questions from this list published online was actually very comprehensive, and pretty much covered everything that was on other lists I have copied the list of questions from that resource at the end of this post in case the online resource goes haywire. how to write my college essay routines I booked advance tickets so I could get to the University early and not have to pay a peak time train fare. How did the literature inform your choice of topic and the thesis overall?

Dissertation viva presentation example how to make thesis review of related literature

She suggested that I should structure it as follows:. Can you start by summarising your thesis? It is considered positive, indeed essential, that you can discuss both strengths and weaknesses.

What have you learned from the process of doing your PhD? Confirm who has been appointed as examiners. Did you think about using any other theories, and if so, why did you reject them?

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What has been happening in your field since you did your research? Remember that most students who reach this stage do succeed in gaining their PhD. It may then be helpful to assess your time commitments over the next few months so that you can build in adequate time to prepare for your viva.

Do you think the data you collected were the most appropriate to answer your research question, or are there any other data you would have liked to have collected? So I procrastinated for two days, looking for any excuse not to open the thesis, which is so unlike me. What problems did you have? How did your thinking change over the course of the project?

How to write a bachelor thesis proposal

What would you publish from this research, and in which journals? How have you changed as a result of undertaking this project? I placed bookmarks using post it notes in my thesis , across the top went Chapter numbers and across the side were key areas of my thesis, that I was pretty certain I may need to look at during my thesis pages that had limitations of study for example, or why I had chosen one mode of survey over another for example. What is the idea that binds your thesis together? Is a further literature review necessary?

What are the most recent major developments in your area? If I had to go back I would probably use the 40 questions listed below to prep rather than the longer list of questions. Who will be most interested in your work?

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